A Day In Islamic Cairo

It was just after noon on a hot April afternoon and I disappointingly stared at the locked gates of Cairo Citadel. It had taken me a good few hours of roaming about the ancient narrow alleyways of Old Cairo to get here and I was looking forward to quality glimpses of the city from the Citadel's elevated ramparts. A quick recheck of the hours of operation on my phone meant that this had to be an exception or that I was at the wrong entrance. Suddenly, a man materialized out of nowhere and addressed me in English. Brother, he said, "the grand mufti from Saudi Arabia is visiting in preparation of a state visit by the King of Saudi Arabia. So the Citadel is temporarily closed for a few hours and will reopen at 3 pm." I don't know if the man was fibbing, or if the Citadel was really closed, but I did recall reading a news article that King Salam was to visit Egypt sometime in April. 

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