A Hot Second In Hong Kong

A lot is possible over 2 things. A pint of beer, and a long layover in Hong Kong. Anyone with over a 8+ hours layover in Hong Kong Airport and desirous to explore the city can get a lot done, largely due to the excellent airport to/fro city connectivity options. The best way to head into the heart of HK is by hopping onto the Airport Express. A same day round trip pass costs 90-100 HKD and gets you to the city in under 30 minutes. In addition to being quick, the trains are frequent, reliable, have USB charging ports and are also equipped with WiFi (though admittedly, I had trouble connecting to the network).

Hong Kong is a wonderful medley of sounds, colors and character - maybe a Singapore with a soul? The skyline is absolutely breathtaking and one could spend a good chunk of time watching ferries, trawlers and junk boats saunter along calm waters of the Victoria Harbor. And no better place for relaxed "Hong Kong gazing" than Starbucks on Avenue of Stars in Kowloon (while nursing a deathly sweet Java Chip Frappuccino). Note that while the Starbucks order receipt comes with a WiFi code that lasts for only 30 minutes, the staff are pretty good at giving you another code for no extra charge. Ask nicely. Maybe wave your passport. Even if you're unable to enjoy a coffee at the said location, it is customary as per international law to check out the iconic district of Tsim Sha Tsui, popularly known as TST. It is home to Avenue of Stars - a close companion of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Railway Clock Tower, Hong Space Museum, high profile malls, among other attractions. 

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