An Express Trip To Little Sri Lanka, Staten Island

While the laws of geography and physics separated landmasses of Sri Lanka and South India many thousand years ago, until recently I was under the misconception that the cuisines of the tear drop island of Sri Lanka and its giant northern neighbor were still identical. Was I wrong? Yes and no. More wrong than right though. A lot of similarities do exist between both cuisines in so far as ingredients, cooking techniques and dishes go, the flavor profile and variety of Sri Lankan gastronomy renders it a major cuisine in itself. And a very delectable one at that. Luckily, New York has been blessed with many impressive Sri Lankan restaurants. After having tried a few in Manhattan, I took a jaunt to the neighborhood of Tompkinsville on Staten Island on a crisp and sunny winter morning to satiate my new found appetite for Sri Lankan food and to also stock up on some spices which are hard to find at Indian grocery stores. Tompkinsville is home to a sizeable Sri Lankan community and in some ways in analogous to what Curry Hill or Jackson Heights mean for the Indian community. 

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